What the ants don’t tell you

The ants are a harmonious breed of creatures. With their small bodies and great numbers, they accomplish life together. I have never heard a sound from an ant. They live their lives by action. There is so much to learn from ants. By observing their actions, some of the important lessons of life can be learned.

Be courageous

Life is for the courageous people. Cowards don’t survive long and never achieve much. Your courage should not be exercised for only personal benefit but for the benefit of your team and the general public.  With courage all challenges in life can be overcome. Ants express courage by doing the would-be impossible tasks together within the shortest time possible.


Don’t be selfish or self-centered

Ants do what is best for the team and they do it together. All of the world’s problems are because of selfish intentions. You can become a better person by considering the interests of your family, community, country, or world first.


Everyone can succeed

Everyone has the potential to succeed and even excel provided action is taken. If ants can successfully build castles, you can achieve your wildest dreams too. Never look down on yourself because of your size, background or any other limitations.


Every little thing in life has something to teach us. By picking even the tiniest of these lessons, we become better people to live in this wide world.


Author; Julia Kushemererwa