Your alumni can be your best ambassadors

Your alumni can be your best ambassadors

Your former employees if at all were treated well by the company are your best unpaid ambassadors to promote you on the market.  Remember some of them can coach you on how to win the competition since they are working with your competition. All former employees  always remember their stay in the company with either happiness or bitterness on their face depending on how they were treated until they exited.  They will remember your company for creating either heaven or hell for them during their stay. You can only win new customers through your former staff if you created heaven for them and obviously you will lose customers and staff if you created hell for your former staff.  Therefore create heaven for your staff so that they can promote you when they become alumni.

Keep alumni updated of the developments

Alumni are always interested in knowing the latest news about the developments which their former employer is making. They want to receive the latest news on leadership thoughts, upcoming events,   career and business opportunities. The business opportunities may include proposed appointment of suppliers and agents of the company. You could also organise places where your alumni could procure goods and services at a discount. You can also organise a platform where alumni may re-connect with each other, share ideas, interests and insights. You can also create dedicated facebook page and email to ensure alumni get the latest information.


Create a day for alumni

Alumni feel great when a special day is set aside by the company for a face to face meeting with them. Alumni feel good when they are recognised for their role in promoting the company.  The company should take this opportunity to reward those who contributed greatly to the achievement of the company and those who have made the company very proud through their achievements.  You can also use this opportunity to invite a guest speaker for an inspiring presentation to the alumni.


 Have deliberate program to support alumni

There are many ways you can support your alumni to succeed in life. I have come to learn that if you want to succeed in life you have no choice but to support others to succeed in life so that they can in return support you to succeed in your mission. The following are some of the ways you can support them;

  • Refer business opportunities to them
  • Invite them to attend some of your internal capacity building programs
  • Give them reference if need arises
  • Help them in get better employment opportunities
  • Help them to succeed in life


Take positive steps in getting alumni organised.

Most of the alumni will obviously be too busy in the new worker places and may not have time to organise the alumni association. It is in the interest of the company to ensure the alumni association is properly organised and managed. The association will need an office and administrative support. Your company has to support all alumni activities as part of business promotion. Create a bright future for alumni and they will also create a bright future for you.



John Muhaise Bikalemesa

Executive Director: Big Drum Advisory Services Limited