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Leaderboard ad  (Header ad) – 728×90 px

The Header ad will be added automatically to the header section of the site

Fullsize-Banner (468 x 60 px) for Tablets and Half-size Banner (234 x 60 px) for smartphones


Sidebar ad (medium rectangle) – 300×250 px

This is added to the sidebar section of the webpage, preferably the right sidebar

Article inline ad – 728×90 px, 300×250 px

it will be added automatically after x paragraphs in each post

Article top/bottom ad – 728×90 px

The Article top ad will be added automatically in each post before the article content begin.

The Article bottom ad will be added automatically in each post after the article content ends.

Background click ad

The Background click ad allows you to open a url when you click the background.


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