How to add value to your business

The way to increase value is to allow the customers to receive more value than what they have paid for. The customers will be attracted to the business as a result of the value the business is  offering . You have therefore to deliver unique quality of goods and services at high speed and right price and place.  It is the customers  purchasing power which gives value to the business.

Tips on increasing the  value of your business.

  • Have  well thought out strategic and business plans
  • Understand customers needs and develop products to meet them
  • Remember the customer is a king and expect high quality service from the business
  • Offer unique products and services
  • Have a clear value proposition through your brand
  • Increase Convenience of product or service
  • Build an effective management and staff team


The customers of organisation are the owners who provides a life line of the business in terms of the cash flow they generate for the business through purchase of its goods and services. The value of the business is enhanced through activities which attract customers to it.



Atwijukire Deborah