Abnormal behaviour prevents us from succeeding (part 1)

We are still continuing with examples of abnormal behaviour which prevent many of us from succeeding in life. The common examples include the following;


There are people who cannot control their drinking habits. They drink excessively and they end up doing funny things in public. These people are an embarrassment to the people and organisations they are associated with.


Sitting on the fence

We have people who are unwilling to commit themselves to anything. They do not want to take any stand on the challenge at hand and they prefer to remain neutral on the issue at hand.  They sometimes make late decisions which come in too late for the team to act on it.


Hiding of information

There are people who have useful information but hide it from other people. The other people end up making sub-optimal decision because of lack of adequate information.  Interesting enough these people are often very happy when others fail to make effective decisions because of lack of information.



These are the people who talked maliciously on someone when that person is not around. They cause a lot of confusion in the community or organisation they belong to. After spreading the fire they may turnaround and claim that they are not the source of the malicious talk.  Backbiting if not well controlled can cause a lot of disunity within the organisation.


Wasting other people’s time

There are some people who love wasting other people’s time. They want to chat with everyone in the office online. They share a lot of information from the social media.  They are good at directing people to websites and blogs where they can waste time. Some of them actually can in fact waste other people’s time when they are busy working. Time wasters are not necessarily the worst performers.



John Muhaise Bikalemesa

Director: Big Drum Advisory Services Limited