7 things that chase away customers from your organisation

Your business organization exists to render quality goods and services to current and potential customers through the management and staff team. Therefore the role of management and staff team of any organisation has the following key components;

  • To attract good customers to the organisation ,
  • To serve the customers in a satisfactory manner and
  • To retain the attracted customers through quality service.

The success of any organisation therefore depends on how well its management and staff team plays the above role. Customers tend to do business with those organisations that are able to meet their needs.  Meeting customers’ needs is easier said than done as there are annoying issues that chase away customers despite the efforts in attracting customers. These issues include the following;

Not keeping promises

Customers are attracted to an organisation by the promises made in the organisation mission. The same promises are communicated to the current and potential customers through various platforms with the aim of attracting customers to the organisation. The customers are often disappointed when they discover that the goods and services offered by the organisation are not in accordance to the promise. Not living the promise chases away current and potential customers.

Failing to recognize that a customer is a king

Many employees of an organisation do not appreciate that the customers are the most important persons in an organisation. Organisations exist because of customers. The employees quite often fail to render quality services to the customers because they do not recognize their importance. Customers will move away and often never to return as soon as they recognize that the organisation   does not value them.

Poor customer services

Customers come to the organisation in order to be given Very Important Persons (VIP) treatment in the process of being served. Many customers expect quality service from management and staff of an organisation. Therefore poor quality services chases away customers.

Lack of effective communication

I have been to an organisation where I have been tossed up and down because of poor communication. In a number of organisations staff are not informed of what the organisation offers and how the customer can get what he or she wants. A number of organisations do not have customers’ pamphlets to guide on what the organisation offers. I have visited some websites that are never updated.  Customers will keep from the organisation if they do not give tailored made information to its customers to guide on how to do business with the organisation.

Lack of after sale service

It is important to keep a warm relationship with your customers at all times. You should render after sale service to ascertain whether the customers were happy with your products and services. After sale service enables you to solve any challenges that customers may be facing when consuming your goods and services.

Lack of prompt service

Do not make the customers queue for service unless it cannot be avoided. A person cannot work hard to earn the money and is also made to suffer when spending it. Customers should be given an environment that will encourage them to spend their money.

Not accepting mistakes

Employees as human beings are bound to make some mistakes when serving customers. What annoys customers most are the mistakes and failures in serving but the defensive mechanism that the staff employ when they have made mistakes. They offer all possible excuses instead for giving a simple apology for their mistakes.

Author: John Muhaise Bikalemesa

Director: Big Drum Advisory Services Limited



John Muhaise Bikalemesa is a sponsor of www.muhaise.com  blog and Millionaires Highway Program (http://www.bigdrumassociates.com/million-dollar-formula-forum/programs/), a business consultant and   a motivational speaker.