6 steps to achieve success


I am sure you are longing for success in your mission despite the challenges you are facing.  For sure you can achieve success if you focus your body, mind and soul on it. Success will never come to you if you are just looking on and doing nothing. Success will not come to you if you have not embarked on your journey towards it.  Success therefore only visits people who are looking for it and ready to receive it. The following 6 steps will enhance your chances of achieving success;

Having a positive mindset

In order to achieve success, you need an encouraging mindset or attitude towards it. You have to be comfortable with success. The fear of either success or failure has to be out of your mind. It is your positive mindset  towards various situations that will make you succeed in life. The positive attitude towards various life situations enhances your chances of succeeding in life. You have to keep in mind that negative mindset or discouraging attitude blocks you from succeeding in life.

Establish your mission

You cannot achieve anything unless you have fixed it in your mind. You need a mission or purpose   in life that you have to work towards. All your goals, objectives and activities in life should be aimed at moving you closer and closer to your mission. Remember success cannot come to you if you are aimless. You cannot therefore go very far with your journey to success unless your mission in life is very clear in your mind.  Through your clear mission you will come to appreciate your current state and the challenges of moving from the current state to your desired future state. It is at mission level that you will come to appreciate the gap between the current state and your desired future state. Knowing the distance you have to cover to reach your desired future state enhances your chances of reaching your destination.

Design and implement a plan

We all tend to know the distance and challenges between our current state and our desired future state but we do nothing about it. We fail to move to our desired future state because we lack an effective plan  to guide us towards our mission. We have therefore to design and implement an effective plan to guide us to our mission. Without a plan we will be using an expensive approach of trial and error until we get it right. You cannot use trial and error approach when you have scarce resources at your disposal. Our plan should also be subjected to sensitivity analysis to ensure it is robust enough to withstand risks shocks that may arise in case any anticipated risks materialise.

Build a high degree of self- confidence

Success in one’s mission is a personal choice and therefore you have to develop a high degree of self-confidence to enhance your chances of succeeding in life. You must believe that you have the necessary capabilities and blessings in life that will make you achieve your mission. Before you achieve success in action you must first achieve in your mind. Where possible, you can invoke the powers of the Master of Destiny to help you in your journey towards success. You must therefore be ready in your mind and soul before you start marching to success.  Lack of self-confidence is one of the key causes of failure in life.

 Start walking to mission

Success will only come to you when you are busy walking  towards your desired destination. Success does not go to people who are doing nothing. This is also true in real life situation as people with cars will only give you a lift if they find you walking towards your destination. Achieving success involves walking your journey to your mission and not relying on other people to do it for you. Other people can only help you in various ways when you are walking towards your destination. Remember walking your journey is your personal responsibility and cannot be delegated to anyone else.

Monitor and evaluate your progress

You have to regularly review the progress you made in performance compared with the plan. You may be on either plan or behind plan or ahead of plan. Knowing your performance level when compared with plan will help you in implementing either remedial action when you performance is behind plan or a program to support enhanced performance when actual performance is on plan or ahead of plan. Knowing your performance against plan at the end of the year does not serve any purpose towards enhancing your performance levels. It is too late to influence the situation. You have therefore to keep right record of your performance both in physical and monetary terms to enable the regular assessment of performance against the plan.


John Muhaise Bikalemesa

Director: Big Drum Advisory Services Limited