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5 ways to attract top talent to your company

Business organizations exist to sustainably make a profit by selling their goods and services to today’s knowledgeable customers. These customers have to be attracted to the organization to buy the goods and services.

They are better attracted, served, and retained by the gifted employees of the organization. The employees should have the capacity and determination to attract, serve, and retain customers which will lead to business growth.

Therefore, for an organization to win in a competitive market it must have the capacity to attract, recruit, develop, and retain gifted employees. An organization should consider the following ideas to attract gifted employees

The Brand Reputation

Brand reputational is the thinking and feeling of customers, employees, suppliers, and others whenever they interact with the brand. The brand is represented by the employees, products and services, and the organization.

The aim should be for people to have a positive brand experience whenever they interact with it. A positive experience will enhance both loyalty and employees’ confidence in your organization.

This will result in the potentially gifted employees being attracted to the organization.

Right organization culture

There must be a statement detailing shared beliefs, values, attitudes, rules, and systems understood and lived by shareholders, directors, management, and employees of the organization.

The right experience enjoyed by all in the organization will go a long way in attracting gifted potential employees, the right customers, and suppliers. The culture guides the decisions and behavior of management and staff.

Needs of gifted staff

Gifted employees have specific personal missions and goals to achieve during their journey of life. They will therefore be attracted by those organizations that they believe will help them achieve their missions and goals.

The gifted staff tend to be attracted by good terms and conditions of service that address key staff well-being issues including remuneration, job security, health, career growth, capacity building, a conducive work environment, and internal communication among others.

Recruitment plan

The recruitment plan should specify an effective recruitment process that has the potential to attract, recruit, develop, and retain staff. In addition, the recruitment process should be managed by the competent people.

This is so because the people recruited tend to be as good as the recruitment process and the people who manage it. Do not expect to attract gifted people if the process is faulty and managed by incompetent people.

Networking in both office and marketplace

Networking helps enhance the interaction the organization has with other players, alumni, communities, and institutions of higher learning among others to open doors to profitable interactions.  It is through networking that the community social responsibility(CSR) program is managed. The networking program will also lead to the identification of gifted potential employees that the organization can approach.


To win in the competitive market, an organization requires a team of gifted employees who are focused on the mission and goals of the organization and can drive the organization’s growth in an ever-changing business environment