5 reasons why you have to be a leader to succeed in life

succeed in life

I have a habit of asking people whom I interact with to tell me their mission in life and whether they want to succeed in life.

I request people to tell me of why they were created and placed on this planet.

I have always received a vague answer from majority of them. Many people are timid and find it difficult to talk about their mission in life.

This means they lack the ability to discuss their mission with other people.

The leadership qualities which help people to succeed in life include the following;

  • Developing yourself

I have come to the conclusion that success or failure in life is a result of one’s personal choice. You lead yourself to the point of success in life. You have to develop and implement a tailor made capacity building program to prepare you walk the journey   to success.  If your mission is to start a five star hotel, you have to develop your capacity to a level which will enable you to implement a five star hotel.  This may require you to search for more information on hotels in order to be equipped with right knowledge to lead the project. It is only leaders therefore who lead themselves to success. Leaders succeed in life because they always know where they are, where they want to go and they develop a plan to lead them to their destination.

  • Leading others

I do not remember ever coming across a mission implemented by a single person.  To achieve your mission you will need to walk your journey either alone or with help of others. You cannot achieve much if you act solo.  You need other people to support you during the challenging journey to your mission. You have to develop the abilities of your followers in order to get maximum performance and results from them. As a leader you have a responsibility to develop others so that they can in turn support you in your mission. People would always support a leader if the leader is taking them to a better place. You will only delegate to the people with a lot of confidence if you have groomed the people to be effective leaders.

  • Are you positive?

You have been told many times that to success in life requires one to have positive attitude towards various life situations. You have to look at every challenge in life through the mirror of possibilities in order to overcome the various life challenges you will encounter along the way.

  •  Communication

No one will listen to you or follow you if you cannot effectively communicate your mission in life. Effective communication is about communicating to people with a purpose of getting their positive action or their support in the delivery of your mission. As a leader you have to give information to other people to help them in making decisions in your favour. People will not support you unless you lead them or encourage them to support you.

  • Guided by values

Values are strong set of guidelines which lead people to do the right things even if no one is looking at them. A strong value based culture binds people together to achieve the mission. It is the values they live which make people walk an extra mile to achieve extra ordinary success for the benefit of mankind. Value driven leaders are not selfish as they strive at achieving positive impacts on the community through everything they do.

  • Innovative and creativity

As a leader you have always to look for innovative and creative ways of doing things in order to achieve your mission in the most competitive way. You have to lead your team in innovative and creative ways of doing things in order for the team to be ahead of the competition.

Do you have the commitment to succeed in life?

I have come to learn that achieving success is not a walk over or just a game of chance. You require a lot of hard work and sacrifice in order to achieve your mission. A football team can only win matches if its leadership have inspired a sense of commitment and determination in the team. Individual members of the team are willing to sacrifice their life and to support each other for the sake of the team winning the tournament. It is the commitment and determination which makes the armies to win wars, sport men and women to break world records and mankind to achieve extraordinary results. It is the commitment and determination that leaders instil in their teams.


It is impossible for you to succeed in life unless you have commitment and determination to do so. It is only the leaders who know where they are, where they want to go and who are able to develop a plan to take them to their mission.  You can only succeed in life if have good leadership qualities. It is not too late if you do not have them. Start just now to be a leader of yourself and others in order to succeed in life.


John Muhaise Bikalemesa

Director: Big Drum Advisory Services Limited