You cannot succeed in life with your wonderful ideas unless you systematically walk your journey to success.

Have you ever noticed that there are so many people in the world with wonderful ideas you have been meeting on a daily basis?  Have you taken advantage of the wonderful ideas? If not, why not?

Have you also noticed possession of wonderful ideas is not a monopoly of any one, any group of people and any nation. Wonderful ideas are with every one including   the politicians, teachers, doctors, professors, farmers, rich   and poor among others. We are all endowed with wonderful ideas and blessings but unfortunately many times we do not know how blessed we are.

Do you get surprised why a number of people with wonderful ideas do not succeed in life?  Many are recalled by the Master of Destiny before they have had a chance to implement or share their ideas. I am sure you want to take action in implementing and sharing your ideas before it is too late.

In my view   many people do not succeed in life because they waste all their time in comparing themselves unfavourably with others, complaining about others and competing with others for the sake of competition instead of systematically walking their journey to success.

I have also come to learn that success will not come to you when you are in the state of confusion.  Success is only attracted by those who are organised and prepared to receive it. You may have many wonderful ideas but are you  organised in utilising those ideas? The systematic approach to success will include the following;


There is a need to have a determination to collect wonderful ideas which you can use for your success. It is the wonderful ideas you will develop into your mission in life. Unfortunately many ideas which come to you are not arranged in any order. The ideas both good and bad come to you in a random fashion from anyone in the society you happen to be in. Some of them come from environment you have to be in. Many of the ideas will come to you when you are busy doing something else.  I have adopted an approach of noting down valuable ideas as they come to my mind for future consideration. You have therefore to develop a habit of noting down wonderful ideas for use in developing your mission in life.

Count your blessings

You may have wonderful ideas in your mind for example which require the use of your hands and legs but you do not have hands and legs. Do not therefore waste your time on dreaming of being a world number runner if you do not have legs and arms. If you want to succeed in life, you act on those ideas which are your most liked area of blessings. You are blessed if you are gifted in any area by nature. It important to appreciate that everyone is blessed in one way or another.  If you are blessed in singing and dancing and you love singing and dancing, then any ideas in the area of singing and dancing will give you a high chance of succeeding in life because of your interest and commitment to excel in the area of interest. Therefore go for ideas which are in your most loved and liked areas of blessings.

Trust yourself

I have talked and listened to people who do not trust or have belief in themselves. They feel that they were not made to succeed in life on their own. They were made to help others achieve their mission. Many people stay in employment until they retire because of lack of belief in themselves. Interesting enough quite often your area of blessing may not be in the area of the course you pursued at the university or college. Why should you condemn yourself to employment for life because you do not trust yourself that you can succeed in life on your own? How do you convince the owners of the business that you will turn their business around when you cannot start yourself off the starting of venturing into business? If you do no trust yourself do not expect other people to trust you with anything.

Do you have a success plan?

You may have so many brilliant ideas in your mind but you do not know where you are and where you want you to go and you do not have a plan to take you to your destination.   For sure if you have not provided for the above, then you will remain where you are until the Creator comes for you. It is not too late, you can discover where you are, decide where you want to go and plan the map to you take to your destination if you adopt a systematic approach to life.

Do you have the determination to act?

For sure to succeed in life you have to walk your journey to success. You are a master of your destiny and do not expect anyone to walk your journey to success. Other people can assist to walk along with you supporting throughout but this will depend on how you attract, retain and serve them in order for them to accept to be part of your effective winning team. You are a leader in your own world and therefore start acting as a leader of your winning team.

Do you ever sit down to reflect on your progress?

Many people fear being alone to reflect on the reasons why they are on this planet and the progress they have made towards achieving the identified reasons. You may be either moving too fast or too slowly to accomplish your mission within the time frame. The reflection will enable you to make the necessary adjustment in your master plan.


Yes you may have bright ideas for one to use in order to succeed in life. But this not enough until you put your ideas in action through a systematic approach to life. You are responsible for success and failure in life provided you have a system to make you succeed.  Remember success will not come to you in the state of confusion.


John Muhaise Bikalemesa

Director: Big Drum Advisory Services Limited