12 reasons why employees gives excuse for remaining in employment

Employees of various organisations love dreaming of becoming successful business men and women when they retire from employment after attaining enough experience. They believe although wrongly that the experience in employment will be useful to them when they venture into business. The employees and entrepreneurs are like a professional footballer who is business of playing football and a team doctor who provides medical services to the footballer. It is possible to have a team doctor who is also a professional footballer but is not always the case.  The experience of a doctor is not directly useful in playing professional football but is necessary in a football team. In the same vein the experience of employees supports the entrepreneur in achieving his or her mission but does not make employees expert at venturing into business. Therefore do not give  laughable excuses for not  leaving your employment for business. The excuses given are many and the following are some of them;

  1. I am not gifted in business ( you are condemning yourself)
  2. Business will mess up my professional career (But you are providing professional services to the business man and woman!)
  3. I am too young or old for business ( Business has no age restrictions)
  4. It is too risky to be in business ( Everything in life is risky including employment)
  5. I need to get my children through the education system ( You can generate money  from business as the employer is)
  6. I am negative about business. (It sounds funny as you are providing services to business organisations)
  7. I lack experience ( You get experience by trying instead of keeping away)
  8. My family is not supportive ( Venturing into business is a personal decision)
  9. I do not have time for business ( You have time to waste in traffic jam going to help some else to succeed in life)
  10. I do not have capital ( Own capital is necessary but not a must )
  11. Being in business can be a dirty game. ( Dirty games in business are executed by employees)
  12. I do not like interacting with some many people ( But you are busy helping someone else to achieve his or her mission)

Many employees do not want to leave employment for business because they entertain the fear of success or failure in their mind. Interesting enough employees have both   fear of success and failure. Many employees have not developed personal mission and therefore do not know what to do with the money when they succeed. They think it is safer with a manageable and fixed monthly salary than venturing in the world full of opportunities and challenges. The fear the employees entertain blocks them from ever thinking of leaving employment. To venture into business therefore you must first drive fear out of your mind. It is fear that makes you to create so many excuses.

Author: John Muhaise Bikalemesa

Director: Big Drum Advisory Services Limited