$100 capital is more than enough to venture into business

In real life a child cannot run before learning how  to walk with confidence. Your life journey towards success is a gradual process starting with exploiting of   ideas that will help you to achieve your mission in life. As Loa Tzu says, “a journey of a thousand miles begins with the first step”. Therefore if you want to make a million dollars you must first learn how to make one dollar. The principles you use to make one dollar are exactly the same you will apply to make a million dollars. Success can come from any idea provided you are clear in your mind of how to exploit for your benefit. According stories that are told the existing businesses that started small and in obscure places like garages include Amazon, Apple, Disney, Google, Harley Davidson, HP, Mattel, Microsoft, Dell and Nike among many other giants. The examples also include Kentucky Fried Chicken founded by Harland Sanders using a roadside restaurant.

I recently sent an email to number of people of different background asking them whether there are businesses someone with $100 capital can venture into to make some money.  I requested them to send me a list of those opportunities. The responses I got are summarised as follows;

  1. Make a website and run paid advertisements starting  those from Google
  2. Make pancakes from ripe bananas and cassava flour and wheat.
  3. Make chapatti using wheat flour and some spices
  4. Roasting chicken, goats’ meat, beef, pork, maize, bananas, cassava and sweet potatoes at strategic places.
  5. Packaging of snacks including roasted groundnuts, simsim, popcorns, soybean and dry maize among others.
  6. Deep fried snacks including mandazi, soyabean, maize, half cakes, cassava, sweet potatoes, chips   and bananas among other things.
  7. Making and selling fresh juice from various fruits and sugarcane
  8. Selling new & second hand clothes and footwear
  9. Selling items online using a personal blog
  10. Selling farm produce in the market and at strategic locations
  11. Produce farm products from backyard garden
  12. Hawking various beauty and children products
  13. Cleaning and fumigating of peoples’ houses and compounds
  14. Trading in local chicken and other poultry products
  15. Selling various season products
  16. Selling airtime
  17. Selling both dried, fried and fresh fish
  18. Hawking farm produce.
  19. Making cakes using local made ovens
  20. Washing vehicles and motorcycles

Judging from the above business opportunities, it is very possible to successful venture into business with a capital of US$ 100. Many people have done and therefore you can also do it. Success in business does not necessarily depend on the level of capital you have but with your positive mindset in business.

Author: John Muhaise Bikalemesa

Director: Big Drum Advisory Services Limited